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Jenerating Vitality with Jennifer Southa


 Jennifer is certified in Life Coaching, Personal Training and Nutrition Consulting.


Her primary focus is on the Health and Well-Being of her clients because having

Health and Well-Being is the foundation of being your best.

Through most of her life's work, Jennifer has inspired people to be their best.

She is an expert at empowering her clients to achieve the goals they set for themselves,

both in fitness and nutrition, and also in areas of their lives such as:

 fostering healthy and rewarding relationships, nourishing the soul and

having a positive outlook on life. 

Jennifer is also passionate about helping people discover their “why”

and it is this passion that led her to a ten-year career in customer service,

a business development coaching career, and now,

a career spanning seven years in the health/fitness/wellness industry.


Today Jennifer offers a wide range of custom programs and services

to improve her clients’ overall, holistic well-being.  

It is her belief that life's challenges require well-rounded solutions.  



Jennifer graduated from York University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Studies. 


She also has an Honours Diploma in International Business and Marketing from Seneca College. 


In 2010, Jennifer achieved her “Personal Training Specialist” certification

from Canfitpro and training through GLPTI.  

Through continuing education, Jennifer remains an active member in good-standing with Canfitpro

as a Certified Personal Training Specialist.


Jennifer also completed a 3-Certificate, two-year program in Nutrition.

She holds the designation “Certified Sports Nutrition Consultant". 

Through a coaching, educational and 'no-diet' approach,

Jennifer empowers her clients to enjoy a healthy lifestyle that is exclusively unique

to their own nutritional needs. 


   To round out her service offerings, Jennifer became a Certified Life Coach

(“Certified Coach Practitioner”)

with the Certified Coaches Federation, one of the leading life coach certification and

executive coach certification programs in the world. 

This training has enabled her to help her clients make life-changing

positive transformations in themselves. 


By addressing all of the parts that make up the whole in any situation,

Jennifer offers a truly holistic solution for life's challenges.  



In my free time, I find my vitality in playing, laughing and dancing with my four-year old daughter,

leaning on my supportive partner, going for nature walks, and travelling. 

While I am based in Stoney Creek, Ontario, I am able to connect with clients

worldwide via Skype, phone and email for coaching and nutrition consulting services. 

I take great pride in the progress and success of my clients and I look forward to

helping you on your journey.

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