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Jenerating Vitality with Jennifer Southa

Areas of Discovery We Work On Together:

  • Personal Growth

  • Renewing Your Vitality

  • Happiness

  • Health & Well-Being

  • Nutrition

  • Fitness

  • Spirituality

  • Relationships

And More!


A coach is a trained professional who has the skills that help their clients create positive changes,

see new possibilities and define the steps to be taken to achieve

both their short-term and long-term goals. 

Most successful people have had a coach who helped them to succeed. 

There are many different types of coaches.

A coach's skill-set is determined in part by their background,

education, credentials and personal experiences. 

The title that best describes what I do is “Holistic Life Coach” because I offer services

that take into consideration the person as a whole:

(mind, body, spirit and emotions). 

As your life coach, I partner with you to help you recognize your own abilities to find

the right direction and to address challenges along the way. 

I show you a different view of your situation

that you may not have seen before. 

With my help, you may be able to see above, around and beyond a problem.

Together, we discover what it is that truly gives your life purpose and meaning

and what may be preventing you from achieving your life’s desires. 


A life coach is not a psychologist, a therapist, or a best friend.  A life coach is a strategist, a realist and an innovative partner who helps clients identify and achieve their goals and objectives. 

A life coach does not give advice.  A coach provides a different perspective. 

If a coach were to give advice, who would have the power?  Right!--the coach. 

However, when a coach gives perspective, the Client has the power! 

Clients come to their own conclusion on what the perspective means to them. 

Holding Hands


Commitment--I believe in you.  I am committed to helping you achieve your goals and

I will be with you every step of the way.

Honesty--I will never lie to you.  I will always be straightforward, fair, and sincere. 

I do not believe in sugar-coating situations, brushing them under the carpet, or ignoring them.

Open, honest communication is what you'll get from me. 

Loyalty--I will support you in your successes and in your failures.  I will help you address challenges

along the way and I will be there to keep you accountable to your goals.   

The information that we share is strictly confidential.

Passion--I am passionate about what I do. You can expect me to always greet you with a smile, an upbeat attitude and an exuberance for life that will be contagious.  

I genuinely care about people and that is why what I do is not work;

it is the gift of being able to serve others

and make the world a better place in the process. 


  Commitment--Either you're in or you're out. There's no in-between. 

The only way to accomplish your goals is to be committed to them. 

You also need to be committed to yourself, your coach, and the process. 

A Desire To Be The Best That You Can Be--You can either stay in your current situation

or you can change it. 

If you do not feel that you are happy in your current situation, your desire for change

must be greater than your fear of it.

Be Gentle on Yourself--Change is difficult and it takes time. Be patient and kind to yourself with every step of the process because even set-backs serve as powerful learning tools on your way to achieving your dreams.

Coaching takes a commitment from both Coach and Client. 

When we are both committed to your success, it becomes faster and easier to meet your goals

than struggling to figure things out on your own.

Together, we start the beautiful journey to accomplishing your life goals and

restoring your vitality.

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