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Jenerating Vitality with Jennifer Southa

Areas of Discovery We Work On Together:

  • Weight Loss

  • Fat Loss

  • Weight Maintenance

  • Education

  • Meal Planning

  • Portion Sizes

  • Food Preparation

  • Food Labels

  • A “No-Diet” Approach

  • Metabolic Typing

And More!


If you’re looking to work with a Nutrition Professional to improve your health status, you may feel overwhelmed by the number of different titles, designations and skill sets of the various professionals who call themselves “nutritionists”.  The problem lies in the fact that the term “nutritionist” is unregulated in both Canada and the United States. 


While each professional may be able to help you figure out how to best fill your plate,

the following descriptions will help you to determine

which specialist can best serve you. 


A Registered Dietitian is a food and nutrition expert.  They must meet strict educational prerequisites

in order to call themselves RDs (i.e., a minimum of a B.A., but more likely, a Masters or PhD in nutrition, internship time, nationwide exam).  Most RDs work in a clinical setting such as hospitals or clinics,

but many also work in community and public health settings. 

Dietitians specialize in the treatment and prevention of disease and their treatment plans

must be evidence-based, relying heavily on scientific studies. 

While some RDs also call themselves “registered nutritionists”,

a registered nutritionist is not necessarily an RD.


Nutritionists may have varying degrees of education in nutrition and some

may rely on experience and/or training alone. 

Therefore, a nutritionist may be certified or uncertified. 

Nutritionists do not work in hospitals and are not clinically trained to treat patients with diseases. 

They normally work with individuals or groups in their private practice. 


What a nutritionist specializes in is educating clients about their dietary needs

and how they can change their diets to improve their health. 


These are the key differences between an RD and a Nutritionist.



Whether you decide to hire an RD or a Nutritionist,

the most important thing to consider is what your needs are:

Are you looking for weight loss/maintenance? 

Do you need help creating a personalized nutrition plan

that you can realistically stick to? 


Do you need someone to encourage and motivate you to make

subtle lifestyle changes that will positively  affect your health? 

Do you need someone who will help you stay accountable to your health goals?  

Are you simply tired of dieting?

As your Certified Nutritionist, I help you to accomplish all of these goals and more.

From a compassionate and understanding perspective, I support and encourage you to

make your own healthy decisions regarding your nutritional needs.  

I provide liberal options and suggestions for foods, supplements, and food preparation that

fit within your current lifestyle. 

And I encourage a "no-diet" approach because as most of us know, diets just don't work!

My belief is that no two people thrive on eating exactly the same foods. 

Just as each of us have different fingerprints, no two people are the same on the inside either.

Our metabolism (the way we process food) is different for everyone. 

And that is why cookie-cutter approaches (diets) do not work--not everyone can eat the same things!

Therefore, you will not find "packages" on my website, because I cannot compartmentalize individuals

into one neat little package that will benefit the majority.  Instead, we meet to discuss

your current situation, your goals, 'areas of discovery',

whether we both feel that we are a good fit to work together, and then, and only then,

I will be able to provide you with a completely customized program that we will

build on together to meet your nutritional needs and goals. 

Your action plan will include all the steps you need to take to look and feel better

and to become a more vibrant you. 

Most importantly, your custom action plan will be a fluid, moving instrument for change.

"Being healthy" is not a destination; it is a life-long process. 

As you change and as circumstances in your life change, so too do your nutritional needs

and therefore, your action plan.

 So TAKE ACTION today by booking a free discovery call

and let's get started on a look better, feel better plan that is custom-fit just for You.

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